Friday, February 20, 2009

California Here We Come!

Today is (finally!) the last day of Don's quarter and we are headed to Bakersfield for the next 10 days! We are all super excited, especially the girls and their Noni. But when I told Bethie today where we were going tomorrow, she got a little peeved that Noni wasn't at her house right that second. I'm trying to explain that after she wakes up tomorrow we'll get on the big airplane and go to Noni's house, but she's still a little confused. We have a loooonnng non-stop flight from here to LAX tomorrow and return on March 3. Can't wait!

Don is currently at his last class for the quarter. He has to answer one question for one assignment and turn that in, and then he has to finish one take-home final. The final isn't due until next Friday, but he's going to try really hard to finish it tonight so he doesn't have to take anything to CA with him. I'm praying he finishes!

We're planning to visit Don's brother in Pasadena and maybe some of my family too. We want to spend a day at the coast (yay Splash Cafe!) and we also have several fun visits with high school friends and church friends planned, too. It's going to be a busy fast trip and we're really looking forward to it. Keep us in prayers for a safe trip. Blessings to you all!