Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a truly lovely Christmas yesterday. Don's mom and his oldest brother, Dan, are both here. And my cousin Lauren and her husband Baxter drove up from Rolla, MO to spend most of the back half of the day with us. We hadn't seen Lauren since Thanksgiving 2004 and had never met Baxter. It was really nice to see her and meet him. We had quite the full house! The girls are loving playing with the many new art supplies they received. They each got hand-made rag dolls (named Alley and Sweet-Pea) which they now carry everywhere. Bethie also got a hand-made cedar cradle for her doll from Grammies. She loves it!
Don got me a copy of Martha Stewart's new book, Martha Stewart's Cooking School. Say what you will about Martha Stewart as a person, but I've always said that I wish I knew how to do all the things she knows how to do. I'm looking forward to this book teaching me some of those things!

Our munchkins need some lunch, baths, and naps before church tonight. More later!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas, according to Hannah

Hannah's kindergarten class made little books about various December celebrations (she is at a public school). I'll do my best to type her 7-page book exactly as she wrote it.

"I selbrat krismis it is my favrit holda. Because we decrat the krismis. I mak cokes with my mom.

We have lights on are tree. We see lights on the haosis. And we like are tree.

I put ornmins on my tree. We like are tree. I put on the anjol.

I like to eat cookies at holdas. They're are yummy. They are gud.

I wear special clothes like Borbey dresis. And sparties Borbey shooseys. (sparkly Barbie shoes - that's my favorite part)

I sing lots uv song at holdas. Like Jingle bells. We like to sing.

I go to my grandma's house. I eat good food. We like food. We git presins."

Merry Christmas!