Thursday, August 27, 2009


Quick Hannah update with a couple pictures. Here's her kindergarten class (she's in red and blue in the lower left corner). She continues to do well and love school. Her teacher told me yesterday that Hannah is a joy to have in class, so that was nice to hear. She also has two loose teeth! She has been soooo excited about those loose teeth. She keeps grabbing the hand mirror from the bathroom and wiggling her teeth in the mirror. She even wants us to call her "Loose Tooth." We've been able to snap her out of several tantrums by calling her that because she gets so giddy she forgets she was having a tantrum. And along those lines, she saw a dentist for the first time since we were in Bakersfield. She doesn't have any cavities and the dentist says she's doing very well. Yay!

Here's another picture from the first week of school.
Time to go make Bethie some lunch. (Oh - if you read this on Thursday, pray that Don arrives home safely sometime around dinner tonight with our new car!)

Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm sitting here with a few minutes to kill before we go pick Hannah up from kindergarten - yes, she started kindergarten a week ago and is just loving it. She is making new friends and learning to write her name "Hannah" instead of "HANNAH." She loves art class and music class. She eats hot lunch at school (since we qualify for the free lunch program) and gets to play on the big kids' playground in the afternoons. She almost falls asleep during rest time, but won't quite let herself drop off. I can't believe I have a kindergartner!

Bethie is doing pretty well without sissy around. We have stopped a few times on the way home from dropping Hannah off and played at a park, which helps a lot. By the time we get home, it's almost 11:00 (time for lunch), and then nap is 12:30. She wakes up just in time to leave for the walk back to school. We're working on settling into our new routine :-) Here's one of my favorite pictures of the girls. This is Bethie's attempt at a smile. (We were at the MO History Museum in nearby Forest Park. The plane is an exact replica of Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis.)

Noah is almost 3 months old and he's beginning to settle into a routine as well. He smiles and "talks" to us all the time. He loves his sisters and is beginning to reach for toys and shove them into his mouth. His sleep schedule is still erratic - hoping to remedy that soon.

Don is out all day today at a nearby library working on a sermon he'll be delivering this Saturday night. Tomorrow he's going to pick up our new car! Our 13-year-old sedan barely fits the 5 of us and is starting to fall apart. After much prayer and research, we are blessed to have friends who are selling us a 2003 GMC Yukon for about half of what it's worth. We can't wait!

I'm excited for a new year of MOPS to begin and to really settle into a school schedule for Hannah. I'll be tutoring again this school year. I have one student so far, and she may be my only one. Given Don's crazy quarter coming up and three kids at home, it may be best to limit my time away tutoring. We'll wait and see how it goes. I participated in the county library's adult reading program this summer and read 20 books, which earned me two entries in the prize drawings. I won a $20 Starbucks card, so that was fun. Also, Don and I just celebrated 8 years of marriage, so while my mom was here visiting we went to the Muny (in Forest Park) to see their production of Hairspray and out to dinner at The Melting Pot - yum!

Time to leave soon for the walk to school to get Hannah. Feel free to drop a comment to let us know you were here or find us on Facebook: OR

Love and blessings!