Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting Ready to Leave...

Stacye here...

Just wanted to write a little bit before things go totally crazy around here and I run out of time. We leave in 10 short days - I really can't believe it. Everyone keeps asking, "So, are you ready to leave?" and the answer is, "No!"

Besides the emotional upheaval of leaving the place I've called home for the past 25 years, we still haven't started packing or anything. We need to sort through all the stuff we brought to my mom's house and figure out what is ours, what is hers, what goes into the POD storage unit, and what will fit into our car for the drive. And believe me, not much is going to fit into the car! By the time we put in Elizabeth's stroller and play pen (for sleeping) there isn't much room left. I've joked that we are allowed 3 changes of clothes each and that won't be far from the truth.

People also ask if I'm excited for the move and I always answer, "Yes and no." I am excited to live in St. Louis - it's such a cool city with tons of fun stuff to do. I'm also excited to get the difficult details and work of packing out of the way. I'm dreading the drive in many ways and I kind of just want to get it over with. Finally, I'm really excited about our trips to Disneyland and California Adventure (see Don's post below). It's going to be so fun to take Hannah to "Mickey Mouse's house." But, I'm definitely not excited about saying goodbye, leaving my family, friends, and church, and starting over. No matter how fun it'll be to meet new friends and get to know the other sem wives, no one can ever replace my loving family and the awesome friends I've met.

Well - Elizabeth is crying so I better wrap this up. We'll write more as we have more to report. Love to all -

P.S. I thought I should do one of the other things we've promised to do on this website - post pictures of the girls. Here's a recent one:

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