Friday, October 19, 2007

Hannah Prays

Since Don has done the last few postings, he informed me recently that it's my turn to post :-) I definitely need to make a new slide show and post some new pictures, but it's already late and I won't get to that tonight. I did want to share a quick post about Hannah's recent prayers. She's been praying more on her own here at home, prompted partly by us but mostly by the prayers they do at school. She's obviously picking up some of what she's taught at school and gaining more confidence, as evidenced by her prayer before breakfast this morning. Here it is:

Hannah: Peat after me.
Me/Mommy: OK.
H: Lord Jesus,
M: Lord Jesus,
H: Sank You for this yummy food
M: Thank You for this yummy food (etc. etc. etc.)
H: That You've given us.
H: And our hair is soooo soft.
H: And sank You for Elizabeth and her toys
H: And she has two teeth
(Editor's note: she has four teeth.)
H: In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
H: And Mommy's thank you for....
(That last line is supposed to be "And Mommy's thankful for..." and then I fill in the blank.)

Just thought you all would get a kick out of Hannah's prayers and our soft hair. Happy praying!

Stacye, the girls, and the Greek scholar

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