Thursday, November 8, 2007

I need corks for my ears

DER: I can't recall a time where I've had this many details jammed into my cranium as I have right now, on the eve of my Greek final. The verbs, verb endings, nouns, rules, conjugations, principal parts, ooglies, nooglies, booglies, and all of their closely-related linguistic cousins are threatening to explode my head. My head feels like a tossed about New Year's Eve champagne bottle...and it's 11:59:58 and counting...

This YouTube video (immediately below, shot this past Summer) is evidence of the nuttiness Greek imbues to an otherwise sane soul.

Our illustrious Greek professor, Dr. Jim Voelz, is in the video as well (the only one in a suit). The other segments of the video (tossing trashcans in the classroom, shooting basketballs at a moving trashcan, tossing hats, and having thumb wars) are all ways my student peers let off stream during an otherwise nutty 10-week process. And yes, these ARE future pastors! I can say our Fall Greek class has done some mildly wild and wacky things to keep us level-headed as well, but thankfully our antics were not caught on video!

It remains to be seen if my classmates and I will take the plunge tomorrow after we pass our final. Mind you, the summer guys took a dip in August when it was 95 degrees outside; it is now November and hovering in the 40's. We'll indeed be excited to pass Greek...just don't know if we'll be THAT excited!

Will post again after we get word of the final results tomorrow afternoon. Your prayers are much appreciated.

God's love and blessings,
Don and the girls

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