Sunday, December 30, 2007

Please pray for our seminarian brother and his family

We were deeply saddened to learn today that Caleb Hays, the nine-year old son of seminiarian Jerry Hays and his wife, Gretchen, died yesterday morning in a helicopter accident, along with Hays family friend and pilot, Dan Dase. Here is a link to the news story, as reported by The Dallas Morning News.

The Hays family was visiting family and friends in Texas over Christmas break. Jerry and Don serve together on the Concordia Seminary Student Association.

Indeed a sobering reminder for all of us that life is precious and that we draw each of our breaths but by the grace of God.

Please lift up your hearts and prayers with us in support of the Hays and Dase families, that God grants them all His abundant peace and comfort during this very difficult time. May God bless you richly.

In Christ,
Don, Stacye, Hannah, & Elizabeth Ray

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  1. Hi Don and Stacye: We will certainly add Caleb and his family to our prayers. What a tragedy and it certainly makes you hug your own kids and grandkids tighter. We are doing well and had a happy and uneventful Christmas. We are potlucking with friends for New Year's Eve. On Jan. 8th, I am having my hip joint replaced, so I could appreciate some long distance prayers myself, but I know that all will go well. Bob is busy with the building committee at SJL. Thank you for the beautiful family Christmas card. The girls have grown so much since we last saw them. Have fun in the snow!!! Charlotte