Monday, June 23, 2008

One year ago today...

...we left California. Don just figured it out. We left Bakersfield on June 21 to spend two days at Disney/California Adventure. And on the 23rd we left California, passing into Arizona. Wow. I can hardly believe it's been a year.

I count July 1 as our first day in St. Louis - it was the day we actually got our keys and had our apartment walk-through - plus it's easy to remember. I think we'll bake a cake or something and have a family celebration on July 1. It's crazy to look back on how far we've come, how much we've settled in, how much the girls (especially Elizabeth) have grown and changed. Here's a glimpse:

July 4, 2007 (Bethie was 3 months old)**** April 20, 2008 (Bethie @ 1 year old)

Don doesn't think Elizabeth has changed much...what do you think? She has a little more hair I suppose... :-)

Couple updates: Hannah went to VBS last week and met a new friend, Mya, who will be in her preschool class next year. They were just bestest buddies for the week, so it's great to know she'll have a friend as soon as school starts. Elizabeth is crusing all around the furniture now and really growing in her thinking and problem-solving skills (no, really). She still has no interest in walking/standing/pushing her scooter by herself though. Maybe she'll walk by the end of the summer. Don is in the 4th week (of 9) of summer classes. His first 4-week class ends this week and he'll start a new one on July 7. (His 9-week class continues the whole time. Confused?) I've been carting the girls all over - VBS last week, Tower Grove Park today, the Clayton community pool tomorrow, the library every Thursday, and more to come. I'm still working on the Today's Light Bible readings, trying to read through the whole Bible in two years (before we go on vicarage). When I started we were in the Gospels and have worked our way around to the Old Testament again. I'm in 1 Samuel now.

That's about it for us. I'm reading John Lescroart's Betrayal and it's due back at the library on Thursday with no renewals, so I better get crackin'! Love to all - thank you so much to all of you who keep us up to date on your lives and bless us with your prayer requests. Many of you are on our family prayer board. Keep in touch - we miss you!


  1. Hey! I love picturing you at some of the St. Louis places you mention. I swam in LOTS of swim meets at the Clayton Swaw park pool you mentioned. For a few years, their meet was a trophy meet, so we got trophies for each event we placed in. Very cool.

    Anyway ... after visiting my parents in June, we had VBS, visited Joseph's parents, had a couple stay with us for a week before moving to Asia, helped replace Joseph's siter's roof, and had a "college friends" weekend. Joseph's classes resume in 2 weeks, and we still have a Bonura reuinion in PA and an anniversary trip before then! Wow!!!

    All that to say, I still am eager to get together with you ... I think our fall is calmer than our summer (you know, except for classes, work, etc! ;-)

    It is great to read your blog and see God's work in your family. What a blessing!

    Hugs to you all,

  2. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for checking in. We have been pretty busy ourselves, but nowhere near as busy as your family - wow! We did go to the Shaw Park Pool again today and had lots of fun. We would love to see you when life settles down a bit. Keep in touch and God bless!