Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a...


We had our comprehensive ultrasound today, which measured the baby, determined (his!) gender, looked at the heart, stomach, placenta and umbilical cord, diaphragm, brain, and other things. We learned that we are expecting a healthy baby boy! We are very thankful that he looks healthy and rather stunned that he is a he! Don and I keep saying, "What do we do with a boy?"

Here's another picture of his face and hand. He's a thumb sucker! (Just like Bethie.) We'll see if that continues once he's born, but he was sure going to town during the ultrasound. We could see his mouth opening and closing as he tried to get his thumb in there. It was very cute. We learned that he weighs exactly one pound now and is measuring about a week larger than his gestational age (the girls both did also).

If you're on Facebook, I've posted all the ultrasound pictures there, if you want to see more. (Just go to the Photos tab on my profile page - they should be easy to find.)


  1. Hi, congratulations on the new baby! I found this site going through some old e-mails. I had e-mailed the link so I could pray for you. I used to work for St Johns as a temp receptionist back in 2007...hard to believe Elizabeth will be 2...that means it has been almost 2 years since I quit there...I am working for H&R Block right now through the tax season and trying still to find a full time permanent (as permanent as it can be in this economy) office support job. Thinking of going into the medical assistant/transcription field if I can get some training. Please pray for me that God sends me where he wants me and continues to help me make ends meet.
    Say hello to Patsy and Jill for me when you talk to them, Tell Patsy I miss her tomatoes :)
    Love in Christ,

  2. Hey Wendy,
    Thanks for your comment and getting in touch! I forwarded your comment on to Don, my mom, and my Nana (Patsy). I miss the tomatoes too! Produce just isn't the same here in St. Louis.

    Sounds like you'll be all set for a job through tax season and we'll pray for a permanent job for you soon. Tom Bloch, former CEO of H&R Block, is an alumni of my college! I thought that was pretty cool. Take care and God bless!
    --Stacye & family