Friday, June 12, 2009

Two-week update

Tomorrow Noah will be two weeks old! He is doing well and we are settling into a routine. He eats every two to three hours, so I'm pretty tired (as Don says, Mom's all-night diner is open!). His circumcision is healing well as far as I can tell, having never had that experience before! He will be baptized this Monday, June 15 here on the seminary campus by one of the professors. Dr. Jeff Gibbs and his wife Renee are pretty special to us. We met them on our very first visit here back in 2004 and have grown closer to them over the past two years. Renee is very active with the seminary wives and hosts the Today's Light Bible study I attend on Monday nights. Dr. Gibbs is brilliant and so gracious answering our theological questions when we have them. They often attend the Friday night bar-b-ques with the students and we are so blessed to know them and to have Dr. Gibbs perform Noah's baptism.

Hannah is doing very well with her brother. She still asks to hold him several times a day and is always loving on him as I feed or change him. Bethie is another story. She can take him or leave him. Luckily, she hasn't shown any aggression toward him, but she is having a lot more melt-downs and all-out crying fits. Poor girl. She's two (with all the emotional changes and challenges that come with that), she's very sensitive, and she has to share us with a new baby. Pretty much every evening between nap and dinner is one long crying fit. She's not eating much and really showing her stubborn side. I pray she adjusts quickly and we would appreciate your prayers too.

I've created a new photo album on Picasa with pictures from Hannah's birthday and Noah's birth. Go here to check it out.

Noah is waking up and we have to get ready for tonight's bar-b-que. Love to all!


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  2. Hi Stacye, Noah is very cute, I cannot believe that you have time to blog with a new born at home!! Congratulations to you all. We really missed you on February. See you around, did you know that I finally gave up and started my own blog? :) go figure!! Talk to you soon

  3. Hi Silvia! Thanks for reading and commenting. I miss all my WarmLine friends too. I've checked out your blog a few times - it's great. I hope you get lots of readers!