Monday, January 25, 2010

More of Hannah's writing

I may have mentioned before that Hannah is reading at a first grade level, so we're very proud of her for that. She loves art, people, and being outdoors. In fact, lately she's been saying that she wants to be an explorer and an artist when she grows up. She'll go exploring and then come home and make art out of the things she finds in nature. She loves writing too. I find pages and pages covered with random things she's written: words, sentences, equations, things Bethie said that she copied down, cards she's made for people, copies of our family's weekly Bible memory verse, etc. Here's one of the latest scraps of paper I found:

"o.k. everey bute everey bute setid yes ok the frst theyn that we are gunu do is seyn a son ok the son is ckold baonsey boll on the flor it is a rimeyn son"

Do you need a translation? Here it is (for the record, I figured out all of it except "ckold" on my own): "OK everybody. Everybody seated? Yes, OK. The first thing that we are going to do is sing a song. OK the song is called Bouncy Ball on the Floor. It is a rhyming song."

We don't correct every little spelling error, but I did have a talk with her about the "ng" sound. The next thing she wrote had several correct "ng"s in it. (In fact, another paper had the word "loveng" (loving) so she got it really quickly!) That's our girl!

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