Friday, September 17, 2010

Love God, Not Stuff

Love God, Not Stuff

That's the name of Don's new blog. His first post goes back to the job he had when we got married. That's the job he got fired from right before we had Hannah. Many of you know our story, but not many have heard it directly from Don himself. Check it out to read it in his own words. 

Here's his plan from here on in:

At least twice a month, I plan to post things here which I pray will encourage Christians like you and me to Love God, Not Stuff. Generally speaking, the posts will take the form of looking at a thought or an idea or a thing in our American culture and examining it from a Christian perspective. We’ll meet the culture where it’s at, as Jesus did, but we won’t leave it there. We might look at a TV show. Or a song. Maybe even a sermon. A piece of financial advice. A New York Times bestselling book. A news story. Or a website. An advertisement. Stuff.

Check it out. You're sure to learn something new, or at the very least - he'll get you thinking.

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