Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Don and I celebrated two anniversaries this week. August 9 was the 11-year anniversary of our first date and August 11 was our 6-year wedding anniversary. Yesterday (8/11) we went to a new student reception for my alma mater, Claremont McKenna College. It was hosted by another alum, Jake Zimmerman. Jake was a Senior when I was a Freshman and he is now a lawyer and Missouri State Representative. We went to a restaurant called Soda Fountain Square in downtown St. Louis to meet incoming students, their parents, current students, and other alumni. It was really fun to have a new connection to my beloved CMC - I loved college and look back on my 4 years with the fondest of memories.

After the reception we went to P.F. Chang's for dinner. Friends from home gave us a gift certificate which we have been saving. Our anniversary seemed like the perfect time to use it! We had a delicious dinner - only the second time we have "eaten out" since Grammies (Don's mom) left over a month ago.

Then we came home and collected Hannah from the downstairs neighbor who babysat for us. We put the girls to bed and waited for our overnight guest. Amber H., the daughter of friends from church in Bakersfield, is engaged to one of Don's classmates. She's in town for the weekend for a wedding and is staying the night with us last night and tonight. It was great to see a familiar face from home and the four of us were up until almost midnight talking.

Finally, as promised, here are photos of our trips to The Magic House. We had a great time - we've been twice so far and still haven't seen the 2nd or 3rd floors. Hannah loves it there and since it's all inside, we'll probably go there quite a bit when it's hot, rainy, or too cold to go outdoors. The first day we went it was just the girls and me. The next weekend we took Daddy back and saw an artist blowing glass. He planned to blow 1,000 glass balls that will be suspended from the ceiling of the Magic House's new addition next year. Hannah got to choose the colors for one ball and the artist's assistant carved her name into it. How cool that a little piece of Hannah will be a part of the Magic House for years to come!

Thanks for reading our blog - it's great to feel a connection with our loved ones back in California (and scattered elsewhere in the US). We love you and praise God for you. Your prayers and support help keep us going. Keep in touch and God bless,
--Stacye, Don, & the girls

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