Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On your mark, get set...

DR: And we're about to go! We had our first day of seminary orientation today, which included lunch with the faculty and talks from various professors and advisers who will shepherd us along the way.

One thing I found out today that will make our next couple of weeks somewhat full with anticipatory excitement: on Friday, September 7, I will found out which church will become my "Resident Field Education" (RFE) church. What this is is the church somewhere in the greater St. Louis area that will become our "church home" as a family, and where I will serve approximately 8 hours per week during my first, second, and fourth years at seminary. The goal is to provide me with some practical exposure to "real church work" while taking classes. I will work under the supervision and direction of a pastor at that church, doing potentially everything from teaching bible studies, doing visitations, or whatever else they need me and want me to do; I've heard the field work experience can vary greatly depending on the church and the nature of the supervising pastor. We will keep you posted!

More news to come soon, as we just got back from Texas visiting our good friends for their twin boys sons' baptisms...check back soon!

Thanks so very much for your ongoing loving and prayerful support--you are indeed a blessing to us!

Love and blessings,
DER on behalf of our family


  1. Hello Don & Stacye! It looks like you have had a nice and eventful summer. What an exciting time for you! Grace and I have been thinking about you and praying for you. Hey, your reading list looks pretty serious. If you have extra time to read something more light (yeah right) I recommend "Quiet Strength" by Tony Dungy. I read the whole thing over the last two weeks during jury duty breaks.
    Your girls are getting all grown up looking. Please give them a squeeze from us! And, please let us know if you're ever anywhere near good ole bako!
    Until next time.....
    In His service,
    J & G

  2. Hi Jay and Grace!
    Thanks for commenting! I passed your recommendation on to Don. Sounds like a great read. Thanks also (tons!) for your thoughts and prayers. It means so much to us to know that others are following our adventures and praying for us. We miss you as well and hope to see you again soon. We don't have any immediate plans to return to Bakersfield soon (plane tickets - yikes!) but we'll see you when we can. And our door is always open here in St. Louis - we love visits and this is an awesome city - there's so much here to do! So thanks again and give each other hugs for us. Love and God's blessings,
    Stacye and the family