Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let's hear it for the old, married guys!

DR: Well, we aren't *that* old...but when you sit in Greek class surrounded by guys who are barely out of diapers--well, OK, my fresh-out-of-college colleagues aren't *that* young, but...

Anyway, young...old...young-at-heart...whatever. The point is this: my good friend and fellow first-year seminarian, TH, and I have been elected by our peers to serve as 1st year married seminiarian representatives on our Student Senate. TH garnered a few more votes than I did, and my wife wisely noted that's likely because he has a dart board and a beer fridge in his basement, and I don't. This is most certainly true.

TH joked with me this afternoon (as he referred to my undergraduate degree in Political Science-Public Policy)...saying, "I guess beer and darts beats policy any day!" Especially on a good Lutheran campus like ours, where our predominantly German brothers and sisters enjoy good beer.

Nonetheless, TH and I look forward to a year of service together, representing the concerns of our fellow classmates to our larger student body and to our seminary administration. It will be good to serve God and our peers together as brothers who genuinely enjoy each other's company.

And TH and I can be sure to discuss public policy along the way. Over a mug of beer and a game of darts, of course.


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