Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chugging along

No, not chugging beer, though Don may feel like it about about this time tomorrow. Tomorrow (Thursday), is his first chance to take the Old Testament exam. I've been quizzing him on the major and minor prophets and he also went to a study group last night. So pray for him along with me that he passes his test with flying colors and doesn't have to go back to class on Friday.

If he has Friday off, we'll probably go find something fun to do here in St. Louis. Probably either the Missouri Botanical Garden (MoBot) or The Magic House (St. Louis Children's Museum). We feel really blessed because the MOPS Steering Team at St. John's chipped in and bought us season passes to MoBot and our good friends the Josephson and Martinez-Ekegren families bought us season passes to The Magic House. These are two very popular St. Louis destinations and they're great for families and kids.

We visited MoBot when we were here last fall and really enjoyed it. We were there all day and still didn't see it all. They have a great kids' section and a lake where kids can feed huge koi fish.

Hannah playing in the kids' section of MoBot in October of '06

We've never been to The Magic House but have heard great things about it and are really looking forward to our first visit. I'm thinking we may go there on Friday because it has been really hot and humid these past few days. Almost everything at MoBot is outside, but much (or all?) of The Magic House is inside. Wherever we decide, we'll take lots of pictures and post some of them soon.

Join us as well in welcoming Jackson and Braden Marmolejo, the 2-day-old twin sons of our dear friends, Marc & Anissa. The Marmolejos live in Texas now and we miss them tons. They are Hannah's godparents and we are godparents to their daughter Isabella. We are planning to go visit them in Texas in August and can't wait. Please keep them all in your prayers for continued good health. Congratulations and God's blessings to all 6 Marmolejos!

Also - today is my mom, Jill's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom - we miss you!

Another wonderful blessing - a friend from St. John's Bakersfield sent us a huge box of diapers for Elizabeth. Thank you so much for your love and support - we are truly grateful.

With love,
Stacye & the samily (as Hannah says)


  1. Sounds like you guys are enjoying Missouri! Erin is two hours away Baxter and I are six.....Our cousin Jon lives twenty minutes from me,um I think we need to plan a get together it would be weird if we didn't. We are all so close , well compared to five states apart.

  2. Lauren,

    We would love to get together with you all sometime when our schedules can match up. Email us at and we'll work something out!

    Don, Stacye, Hannah, & Elizabeth