Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Experiencing all the fun St. Louis has to offer

If you remember, in a previous post, we were debating about whether to go to MoBot or the Magic House on Friday July 20. We thought probably the Magic House because it's mostly indoors and the week had been hot. Surprisingly, Thursday started cooling off and Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we opted for MoBot so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. Hannah had a blast playing in the Children's Garden, climbing on the ropes, going down slides, playing music, and especially playing in the water area. See the evidence below!

As Don already reported, that next Sunday we visited St. John Ellisville for worship and ended up signing Hannah up for their Vacation Bible School program. It was a great program and we may go back next summer too. She told us after the first day that they played Duck, Duck, Goose, but she "didn't have the choice to run and go in the tea pot." I tried to clarify the statement, and she confirmed that she didn't get to go in the "mushroom pot." Here's a shot of their chapel time with the horse that Hannah just loved.

Here's a photo of Marc & Anissa Marmolejo's twin boys - they are way too cute and growing strong. We're going to visit them in Texas at the end of August - can't wait!

Braden and Jaxson Marmolejo

My Mom is awesome and sent us money for a shelf/organizer for Hannah's room. Now it is much less of a disaster and Hannah enjoys that fact that she can find her toys when she wants them. She loves playing dress-up with her many necklaces, bracelets, purses and hats. Here's a photo of her and her shelf - she told us she dressed up "to go to a meeting!" She might liven up a church board meeting with her outfit, that's for sure!

Finally, we came across a baby photo of Don when we were moving in. We think he's about 1 year old (maybe his first birthday?) and we were instantly struck by how much Elizabeth looks like him! After hearing for 3 years about how much Hannah looks like me and her Noni (but not her daddy), now Don has a daughter that looks like him. (We think Hannah has Mommy's looks and Daddy's personality...while Elizabeth has more Daddy's looks and Mommy's personality...what going to happen if we have a third child!!??) Anyway, let us know if you agree about the resemblance:

Don took his mid-term for his New Testament class yesterday and did well. He gave a presentation today with another student on 2 Corinthians, which he chose because of its emphasis on Godly stewardship. He feels blessed that his first seminary presentation focused on God's direction for how we're to use the resources He entrusts to us.

Time to go make dinner. We love you all and miss home, though we're also thankful that we're settling in here and enjoying all the fun stuff there is to do (we went to the Magic House today - more on that later!).

God's peace and blessings,
--Stacye & co.


  1. NOW does Don believe that Elizabeth doesn't just look like his mom, she looks like HIM!!! Noni

  2. Hello Ray Family. I saw Noni at the store and she told me to check the blog for pictures of Don when he was a baby. Yup, Elizabeth looks just like her daddy.... no question on that one. Noni also told me about Hannah loving VBS and not wanting to leave :-) Tell Hannah thanks for her story! Congrats Don on the "A" and I love the pictures of Hannah.... did I ever tell you that your little girl is going to go very far in life... I miss my Hannah Boo! Tell everyone hello and give Elizabeth a kiss Hannah from Ms. Jamie! Hugs, Kisses and Prayers, Ms. Jamie

  3. Hi Ms. Jamie!
    We miss you too! Hannah often talks about her school where Ms. Jamie lives. We'll find out soon which church we'll be assigned to and hopefully they'll have a preschool for Hannah. She misses you and all her friends. She talks about Andrea a lot as well. Much thanks to you and the other teachers at St. John's for your support and prayers for our family. You continue to be a blessing to us! With love and God's blessings,
    --Stacye & the rest