Thursday, July 12, 2007

Updates and pictures

Finally - an update!

Don is in class right now - today marks the half-way point of his Old Testament class already. He's also having his first one-on-one meeting with a seminary advisor - a "getting to know you" visit, which marks the first in a series of several visits like it over the next few years that the seminary will use to aid in Don's pastoral assignments and his ultimate placement.

I just uploaded lots of recent pictures from my camera to our computer, so I'll use those as an outline for my post. Ready? Here we go!
Fourth of July

Here's our big July 4th celebration - sitting around the apartment! Actually, we had planned on going downtown for the celebration and fireworks, but it was supposed to rain and the fireworks didn't start until after 9:00. We decided not to risk the rain and keeping the girls out 2-3 hours past their bedtime, so we stayed home and watched the downtown fireworks on TV. Exciting huh?

Elizabeth rolls over! (Cue the crying.)

Here's a picture of her first trick. Bethie is doing the same thing her big sister did - she rolls over from back to front, and then cries frantically because she can't figure out how to get off her face. Pretty much any time she's left on her back, she rolls over. She only rolls toward her left side so far - she needs some practice I guess.

Our first summer storm

Daddy was in class and we kept hearing loud thunder and seeing lightning. Finally the skies opened up and Hannah and I just had to go outside and experience the rain. Our porch collects quite a puddle of water when it rains, so Hannah's favorite part was splashing and playing in the water. (After the storm, we use the push broom to push a waterfall of water down the stairs - fun!) I took this picture shortly before I found Hannah on all fours trying to drink the rain water. Yes, you heard me right - trying to drink from the puddle. I guess when you're three and you've never seen a rain puddle before, it makes perfect sense (remember, we're from Bakersfield, where .10 of an inch is a flood). Shoulda taken that picture!

Our view

On the left is the view out the den window - Don's "study view." On the right is the view out Hannah's (eventually both girls') bedroom window. I can't wait to see it in the fall! Our apartment is in a great location - on "the circle" so we get less traffic, positioned to get great cooling cross breezes, and with this awesome view out the back windows. God's creation is just beautiful!

The Zoo
The girls and I had our first real outing since we've been here. We went to the awesome, free St. Louis Zoo. Can you believe the third-highest-rated zoo in the country doesn't cost anything to get in?! And it's less than 2 miles from our house! If you get there in the first hour the zoo opens, the Conservation Carousel and the Children's Zoo are also free. I had hoped to go to both, but by the time I made a wrong turn and wound a ridiculously long way out of my way, we only had time for the Carousel. Now that we know how to get there and where to park, next time we'll try the Children's Zoo and report back on that.

This elephant fountain was one of Hannah's favorite parts of the zoo. She loved kneeling on the ledge and putting her hands in the water.

Well, Don will be home soon and I've got to start on dinner. It was fun updating you - we'll do more soon. Love to everyone - we miss you! Keep in touch - please comment on the blog so we know you were here, or call or email. God's blessings to all,
--Stacye & co.


  1. Hi Ray Family!
    So nice to see you are doing well and having new adventures. Love the pictures! We were in church last weekend, visiting the family in B-town, and it was weird to not see you guys there. We are all doing well here. Owen is very big and has four teeth!
    Much love to you all.

  2. Mark & Kara,

    Thanks for your note and for visiting the site! Sorry we didn't get to see you when you came to town. Glad to know you are all well; Owen is growing up so fast! 4 chompers already!!?? Hope to talk with and maybe even visit again sometime soon (you are welcome to come visit in STL if you want a vacation! We'd love to host you in this terrific city!)

    Say hi to your mom and dad for us, too, Kara.

    Don, Stacye, and the two chicas