Tuesday, July 3, 2007


"Somewhere" is our favorite word around here lately..."Where are my shoes?" "Somewhere."

"Where did we pack the alarm clocks?" "Somewhere."

"Do we have any toilet paper?" "Somewhere..."

I think we'll be using that word quite a bit for the next few weeks or so.

We are settling in, though, which is nice. The kitchen (which is bigger than my kitchen in Bakersfield) is mostly unpacked. The girls' room is unpacked, though totally disorganized. The computers are up and running, including the internet. Everything else is about half-way unpacked. We'll get there eventually, I suppose.

Tonight we took Grammies to Fitz's for dinner (though she ended up paying, so I guess she took us). Even though Hannah hasn't had a real nap in about two weeks, she was a jumping bean during dinner. Don asked her, "Where do you get all this energy from, girl?" and her response was, "I got it from Christmas." Ha-ha.

Well, I think I need to head toward bed - I'm exhausted and we have a busy day tomorrow. We're planning to keep unpacking in the morning and head down to the waterfront/downtown for July 4th celebrations at Fair St. Louis. It'll be a long day, but fun too. We'll try to post some pictures on the 5th for all to see. Take care and we love you all,
--Stacye, D, H, & E


  1. Wow! We use that word "somewhere" several times a day here and we have been "moved in" for 14 years now! We hope you all enjoy your 4th. It's very hot here, 103. Supposed to be 107 tomorrow and Friday. Needless to say, we are staying in for a few days. Give Hannah a big hug for me and tell her I miss her. Oh, yes, we miss you too! :) God bless and love to all. Lynda Merante

  2. Thanks for posting Lynda! We miss all of you at St. John's a lot. We'll be sure to pass on a hug to Hannah for you. It's not as hot here - about 90 degrees, but we had about 65% humidity and thunderstorms here today - yuck :-P I'll take the dry Bakersfield weather any day! Keep in touch -
    --Stacye & co.

  3. Hi Don, Stacye and family!
    I've FINALLY had a few minutes to sit down and read about all of your adventures as you've "headed East" to the "Gateway of the West" (somehow that sounds confusing). So glad to hear that you've arrived safely, and with your sanity mostly intact. Carol and I have continued to keep you all in our prayers as you begin this special time in your lives. We love you all and look forward to hearing from you (probably via Jill) sometime soon. God's Blessings... Gerrit

  4. Thanks, Gerrit--we appreciate your prayers and loving support. Having our "sanity mostly intact" suggests that we had some measure of it before we left; thank you for being so generous in assuming that! :-)

    Feel free to call/email/write/send smoke signals anytime...and we will do the same periodically. Thanks again--say hi to Carol and your girls for us.

    Love and blessings,
    Don (& S, H, & E)